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Thursday, 14 February 2013

001. Hello blog readers (if there is any...), today is just a quick little post of my bedroom door I have recently re-painted. I made a bit of an artwork with all my favourite musicians, thought it might be nice to post. They are just my iPhone snaps so sorry for the quality, but I did make up for it with some snazzy editing. 

PS. Happy Valentines Day! xo

Lena x


  1. wow ok that is by far the coolest door i've ever seen! such an amazing idea. I'd never heard of Hungry Kids of Hungary before but omg thank you so much i'm listening to them now. The video for Let You Down is so good :))

    1. aww, glad you like them! australia actually has a few cool up and coming bands at the moment. i also just followed your blog, it's lovely, i love you DIY's x


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