Blues and Boots

Monday, 17 June 2013

Jacket: Sportsgirl// Skirt: Vintage// Tee: Cotton On// Hat: City Beach// Belt: Tobi// Boots: Lipstik

001. Hello lovelies. These photos were snapped a couple of days ago when I could walk around the house without feeling the need to empty my insides out. To avoid the details I think I had some mild food poisoning and have spent the last 24 hours feeling very 'under the weather'. I'm hoping this won't happen again as I'm starting holidays at the nd of this week and can't wait to have a relaxing, sickness free, break.

002. The word on the blogging-street lately is that Google Friend Connect (GFC) will OFFICIALLY be saying au revoir. Now I'm not a computing wizard but if you want to understand what's happening there is a really great article, here. The big change isn't set to happen until July 1st but if you want to get a head start and not miss any of my posts, you can follow my Bloglovin account HERE.

today's tune: in my place, coldplay

Lena x


  1. Love your outfit and hope you get better very soon!

  2. love this ensemble it's so so lovely!

  3. I love this look! So jealous you have a dachshund to!
    Hope you're feeling better soon, xxx

  4. such a lovely look. I'm gonna wear something like that after mom send my denim jacket :D

  5. This look is absoloutely stunning, I adore that skirt! Such a perfect vintage find.

    // xx

  6. Ah, food poisoning is never fun.. Hope your feeling better!
    Love the denim jacket, I've been living in mine lately! <3

    1. ah thankyou lovely. denim is the best! x

  7. That skirt is absolutely beautiful! Hope you're feeling better lovely x

  8. fab outfit, fab blog - following for sure :) can't wait to see what you post in the future x


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