Matt Corby Gig

Thursday, 17 October 2013

001. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending Matt Corby's concert. If you have never heard of the talented man before you seriously need to question what you're doing with your life and go search him up right now; trust me your ears will thank me later.

002. I'm not going to do a detailed re-cap of the concert because honestly I can't even describe how magical he is live. When trying to describe Matt Corby the first word I think of is 'beautiful,' not only because he is clearly pretty darn nice to look at, but because of his voice. There is something so raw and honest in it that captivated the entire audience. He performed a new song of his that had some fancy beat-boxing and then some loop pedal action that was just incredible, my heart was melting. The voice, the lighting (that made him look like an angel), the atmosphere, the hair... I could sit here forever listing what a great night it was but I don't really feel like typing an essay. To sum it up, if you ever have a chance to see this man perform, DO IT! I promise you it will be one the most beautiful music experiences of your life.

Lena x

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