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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bag: Kmart

001. Sorry for not blogging since Monday...  honestly I totally just forgot to post! Last week I was in my local Kmart and picked up this bag for only $15! It's actually quite good quality and in my opinion looks much more expensive than it really was. Kmart actually has some nice bags going at the moment all for about $15-$25, so if you're an Aussie pop down and have a look. I love finding nice pieces in unexpected places. 

002. In other news... I GOT SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS TICKETS! I'm going for the whole three days and am so flippin' excited! The lineup is unreal and if you haven't had a peep at it yet, check it out HERE. Sorry for the all the capitalisation and exclamation marks in this posts, I clearly get easily excited over bargain shopping and festivals.

Lena x


  1. Kmart have some really good bags at the moment :)
    I hope you have fun at splendour :)

    1. thankyou, I can promise that I will!

  2. The bag is awesome ! and omg i was ment to go to Splendor for the three days but my boss wouldnt let me have the day off so im going Sunday ! ahhhh! :D x

    1. ahh, that's annoying but still so exciting! getting tickets was possibly the most stressful thing I've ever had to do omg

  3. love this! such a simple bag - looks like the american apparel totes! enjoy splendour!! line up looks incredible!!

  4. Such a cool bag, it looks like the perfect bag to lug around everything <3

  5. Thats such a good find! Love simple black bags <3 OMG the lineup for that festival is insane! Hope you have fun :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea


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