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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wrap Skirt and Bucket Hat// Frida the Label

001. I could start off by apologising for being such a bad blogger and explaining that I have the worst immune system in the world, but I'd rather talk about the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the past week... I finally won a competition! An instagram competition to be more specific, from one of my favourite up and coming labels from Brisbane, called Frida the Label.

002. If you follow me on instagram you might be aware that I'm a pretty regular competition enterer, so I was very excited to have finally won something from a a label I adore! It arrived in brown paper packaging tied up with string (yes, I am singing Sound of Music now...) and when I opened it everything was super lovely. 

003. I'm pretty sure the fabric is hand dyed to get that really cool effect, which looks amazing. I don't want to rave too much right now, but watch out for an outfit post coming soon featuring some Frida. In the meantime though, check out their website (HERE) and see for yourself how super cool their collection is. 

Lena x


  1. Oh congrats!
    I am so unlucky when it comes to competitions, I think I have won 1 in my life, in year 3... Well at least I won something, right?

    Have a fantastic day with your winnings :)
    Ruby xox

  2. Wow, that pattern is amazing! Congratulations for winning :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  3. Oh! Can't wait to see an outfit post on this!
    mortem blonde

  4. Ahhh you won such a nice wrap skirt and bucket hat! Can't wait to see a post with this on! Congrats Xx

  5. Lucky girl! I love these pieces!



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