What's Happening: An Update

Monday, 1 December 2014

001. BIG UPDATE! If you have missed out on my past few posts or are a new reader to this blog (welcome), you may have missed out on my big news. I am currently about to embark on a six-week trip to the UK with my two best friends! I AM SO INSANELY EXCITED! I'm really struggling to write this post as my excitement is just getting the better of me and putting things into grammatically correct sentences and words just isn't working. I want to soak up as many experiences as I possibly can while I'm away, so won't be blogging. But I've scheduled a few weekly posts to keep coming at you, so you don't miss me too much. Prepare for lots of travel photos and hauls when I get back though!

004.  PS. This photo is such a random little outtake from a few weeks ago in the window, but I think it turned out super cool (yay or nay?). 

Lena x


  1. Ah you're going to have so much fun in the UK! London places I would recommend are Camden Town, Brick Lane, Portobello Road Market, Columbia Road flower market on Sundays in Bethnal Green, and Soho near Oxford Street!

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog

  2. Lucky you have a wonderful trip with your friends x


  3. Waauw I'm in love with your top! Have fun :)

  4. Wow that's so exciting, have a perfect and safe trip!!
    Can't wait to see all the posts when you come back :)
    Tara x fashionbambini

  5. Thats awesome, have the best time in the UK!
    I have only being to England once, but the Lakes District is worth going to if you have a few days to travel outside London, it is so quaint and picturesque.
    Can't wait for all your beautiful posts.
    Also 'yay' to the the picture turning out really well.

  6. Love the pic it did turn out cool! & so cool you're coming to the UK! x
    Fashion On My Back // Style Blog

  7. i love the top.


  8. you're hair.. as well as your top.. looks so fabulous here woman!!


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