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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Top: Onatah// Skirt: Frida the Label// Bag: Sportsgirl// Shoes: Betts

001. My boyfriend likes to call this particular hairstyle 'elf hair.' And to be totally honest when I'm wearing this floaty little ethereal feeling' top, a pretty stone around my neck and my hair in a lazy knot, I guess I could say I don't mind the elf life. In this post I'm wearing two pieces from two little Aussie labels that I adore and cannot wait to introduce to you!

002. Onatah is  funky little label, based on the coast of New South Wales, that specialises in bohemian and gypsy inspired pieces. Everything is so light and floaty and beautiful. They also have a wonderful mix of more minimal pieces AND bright patterned pieces. The website says their clothing is 'Easy to move in, easy to dance in, easy to laze about on the beach in.' Which I completely agree with because everything is so darn perfect!

003. The second label is called Frida the Label, which I was lucky enough to win in a little Instagram competition. I've previously mentioned this beauty of a skirt in a previous post, BECAUSE IT IS SO COOL! I mean look at that print! I may also have a little hometown pride because the next best part is that this label is Brisbane based. Pretty sure I read somewhere that they have a new collection in the works, so keep your eyes peeled. 

004. I really do love supporting small businesses and local designers. Yes, it may be a tiny bit more expensive than finding some super cheap mass produced digs, but local labels have so much more worth. They are great quality, made with love and something none of your friends will have. I'm all for supporting local up-and-coming labels, KEEP IT UP YOU GUYS ROCK! 

todays tune: run, san cisco (go, listen, NOW)

Lena x


  1. wow, such an awesome outfit! and I love your "elf hair" x


  2. Love this outfit, the floaty off the shoulders type top really suits you :) I agree about supporting local labels. And I love your hair so much! I'm pondering whether to cut mine shorter or not. x

    Emma | ohflowerchild.blogspot.com

  3. thanks gal! you totally should, I love it short, so much easier ! x

  4. so pretty! xo


  5. Obsessed with this look since seeing it on your instagram, especially that top! Definitely gonna need to get one myself for the warmer months.
    P.S. Your elf hair looks super cute :-) X

  6. Just randomly stumbled upon your blog! Love it
    Just followed you via GFC xx


  7. This is such a gorgeous look Lena! <3
    tara x fashionbambini


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