Dreaming of Mountains

Monday, 20 April 2015

 all photos via annabelblue.tumblr.com

001. Lately I've been craving adventures and travel. I want to just explore and see as much as I possibly can of this beautiful world. One of places that I've been thinking about is New Zealand. It's basically Australia's neighbour, not too long of a flight and probably not too expensive either. Close enough to pop over to for an escape to free your mind. Something about New Zealand's landscapes just captivate me, make me want to jump into a car and road trip the hell out of their beautiful country. 

002. During all these dreams I've had, these I stumbled across these particularly wonderful photos on my Tumblr dashboard, which are too incredible for me not share. The photographer is a girl, about my age, called Annabel Blue. I just think the images she has captured are so beautiful and really make you just want to explore. What do you think of them? What's one place you really want to visit? 

Lena x


  1. Wooooah these photos are incredible! It makes me wanna travel so badly too.
    I'd be so jealous if you get the chance to go to NZ - it looks beyond beautifull (judging from photos!) X

    1. ahh me too! far too obsessed with them!

  2. That is so stunning! It;s funny how it's a short flight for you but like the complete other side of the world for me!


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  3. Ahhh waauw this makes me dreamy too!


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