23 May 2015

001. Yes, you heard me right ladies.... ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST. Well.... kinda ice cream. If your ideal breakfast is something that tastes 100% bad for you but is actually 100% good for you, I've found the answer.

002. "Nice-cream" or "nana-ice-cream" is the craze that is kinda sweeping the Instagram foodies/vegans/health food lovers off their feet. Essentially it is frozen bananas, blended with some additional flavouring of your choice (eg. strawberries, cocoa powder, mango) to create a creamy meal that resembles ice cream. Top with some yummy extras, such as extra fruit, nuts, seeds or coconut, and you're good to go!

003. I've illustrated this post with a few of my favourite "nice-cream" creations. I am obsessed. Not gonna lie... I'm a little bit sad winter is on it's way because it's becoming more and more challenging eating a icy bowl of goodness for breakfast. 100% healthy and 100% delicious.

004. Tell me if you've tasted "nice-cream" or have tried to make it before!? I'de love to hear what you think!

Lena x

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