HOW TO: Nana Ice-Cream

13 June 2015

STEP ONE: Get some bananas! I recommend the spottier the better because they are far more sweet. If you freeze them too early when they are perfectly yellow, you might end up with that kinda starchy-unripe taste. 

STEP TWO: Chop em' up! I like to cut mine up to make it easier to blend and then freeze them in little freezer bag portion sizes. I'd recommend AT LEAST 3 bananas per serving. 

STEP THREE: Pop it all in a food processor (or high speed blender if you have one)! For this step you add your bananas, an extra flavouring (I opted for blueberries) and your liquid (my favourite it almond or coconut milk so it's extra creamy). Less is more with the liquid- if it's not enough you can always add a little more, but if you add too much it can turn out like a smoothie instead of nice ice-cream consistency we are aiming for. 

STEP FOUR: Blend! This is the easiest part and it should look something like this. Note: You don't need a fancy blender or food processor mine is just a basic one! You might need a little more patience if using a blender though, but you should get a similar finished product. 

STEP FIVE: Ice-cream! Look at the creamy goodness!

STEP SIX: Add your toppings! Just like normal ice-cream you can go crazy with your toppings and add whatever your heart desires. I usually opt for some sort of nut/wholegrain and extra fruit. 

STEP SEVEN: Eat and enjoy! 

001. Following on from my last post, I've finally got around to posting a 'how to' for nana ice-cream! I hope it's easy to follow and understand. It is seriously my favourite meal at the moment and so simple to make. I'd love to hear if you are going to give it go or how it turns out- happy cooking!

Lena x


  1. I will definitely try it! It looks very tasty.

  2. Oh my god the final result and how you have served it makes this look SO DELISH!!

    B xx

  3. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing! xo

  4. That sounds and looks delicious. I have to try this.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  5. i just posted about this, i've been loving making it as well! you made yours look so nice!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  6. Defs going to be trying this out!! Yum!


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