The Holy Grail Festival Survival Kit

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

items pictured: funky across-body bag, phone, cash, paw paw ointment, BB cream, wet wipes, sanitiser, sunglass, a film/disposable camera, wide brim hat and comfy dancing boots

001. With Splendour in the Grass only a month away now I thought it was about time I kicked my butt into festival mode. Festivals are one of my favourite things EVER, so I'm going to dedicate a couple posts to them. I'm thinking maybe some outfit inspiration/lookbook kinda things because I need to outfit plan ASAP and always have hundreds of ideas floating around in my head! 

002. This post however aims to outline the bare necessities needed at a festival and what I will 100% be bringing myself! Self-explanatory items are a small bag thats easy to carry, dancing shoes, sunglasses and a hat to keep you cool. Other basic things are a phone in case you lose your friends (very easy to do) and cash because you don't want to miss your favourite band lining up for an ATM. To keep yourself looking half-human at least during the long days I advise on wet wipes, sanitiser, lip balm and BB cream. Finally, don't forget a little film camera to capture the memories and relive the event when you get your film developed! (Pop down to Kmart or Big W to score an el-cheapo disposable one.)

003. Hope this post was somewhat helpful or has helped you get excited for festival season BECAUSE I SURE AM! Tell me what festivals you are heading to and what your favourite thing about festival life is! 

Lena x


  1. This is amazing! If I lost my friends and didn't have my phone, I would be totally screwed. I'm so jealous you're going to see Splendour. It was just wayyyy too pricey for me and too close to when uni starts again but so many amazing artists playing. I'm going to however see Purity Ring and The Vaccines in their sideshows back at Sydney. Massive devs that I can't see The Wombats because they are on the same night as Purity Ring :( Why god whyyyyy. Take so many photos, I'm so keen x

    1. ahh really the same night!! thats awful. those two shows will be amazing though! x

  2. Eek see you there! It's going to be the best xx


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