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Friday, 17 July 2015

001. The other day I was going along my daily internet procrastination and came across a few quotes and questions that really make you question life, the 21st century world and humanity. They were too thought provoking for me not to share!

002. "Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religion destroys spirituality and governments destroy freedom"

- We prioritize money and the economy over basics like air, water, food quality, our environment, and our communities.
- We utilize an economic trading system that facilitates the death of millions of people each year.
- We divide the world’s land into sections and then fight over who owns these sections.
- We call some people “soldiers” which makes it OK for them to kill other people.
- We torture and kill millions of animals every day needlessly for food, clothing, and experiments.
- We send children to school for their entire childhood to memorize facts and skills that they will rarely use.
- We impose financial pressures on parents, forcing them to miss out on vital stages of their child’s development.
- We have thousands of religions, each one believing that their God or god-story is the only true and unique version.
- Love and compassion, which promote life, are mocked as facile. Whereas war, which harms life, is seen as honorable.
- Anyone with a really useful invention can forcefully prevent others from using or modifying it.

004. Now I just hit you with a lot of information but I don't know, this somehow all just really spoke to me and made me think. I hope it will for you too! All the above quotes/info are from this site, which I highly suggest liking on Facebook, because when you are mindlessly scrolling through your news feed full of rubbish, it's surprisingly refreshing to read something real. Tell what you have thought after this post, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!

Lena x


  1. I love this post. It makes such a statement. And everything is completely true. There is no lie in the quotes or the facts. Thanks for sharing, Lena! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Safe to say the human race is bizarre. Thinking we own animals for our own food, entertainment, clothes etc...x

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  3. this is so sad but very true. feels like a wake up call.

  4. Definitely something to think about, I really like this post! Although I think it's difficult with quotes and statements like these, because it's quite .. black and white. Still, a majority of what their saying is, sadly enough, very true. Some thoughts and choices to consider for yourself and your environment! Thank you for sharing this :).


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