19 August 2015

001. MAJOR apologies for the month long absence! Since I last spoke to you I've moved into the centre of Australia into a desert town called Alice Springs, landed a job at a fancy hotel and have started spending my life savings on bananas ($4 a kilo out here, very non-vegan friendly!). But all in all, I am having a blast and am enjoying living in a different part of the world. It really is very beautiful out here. I feel so lucky to live in such a unique and diverse country. 

002. As I am working five days a week, don't have a flash camera and am living out of a suitcase... I can't promise too many fashion or outfit related posts. I do plan on doing my best to blog a little now and then though. If I do happen to go M.I.A again, maybe chuck me a follow on instagram, just so you can see I'm still alive and kicking. 

Lena x

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