Saturday, 30 January 2016

001. Hello my fellow blog readers (if there is still any of you?), welcome to 2016! A little late but hey, it's still January so it counts. I'm not even going to try and apologise for my absence because I don't feel guilty at all- I have spent the last 3 months backpacking Asia with my best friend and it has been incredible. Although, I have been back in Australia for a week now feeling very lost and confused at what the hell I should do with my life now I am home and jobless? Saying that though I have managed to join a gym, redesign this whole blog (which is a challenged when your HTML game is non-existent), clear out my entire bedroom and download a ridiculous amount of music. So I guess you could say all is good in the world.

002. This year I plan to take Frockled in a slightly different direction and actually blog regularly. Also if you are still wanting more details on where I hell I have been, I am planning on posting a series of my Asia travels with tips and my favourite places very shortly. 2015 was an incredible year for me personally, but a bit of flop for Frockled (oops). I will get back on my blogging game this year, which makes me feel very excited and motivated! Can't wait to keep sharing all the crazy stuff going on in my head for the rest of 2016!

Lena x

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