Monday, 1 February 2016

001. I'm not big on New Years resolutions, but I am big on goals. Just small goals, things you can achieve everyday, step by step throughout the year. I believe that goals should make you work harder at achieving things that make you a better, happier and more positive person. Don't set a huge goals such as "go to Europe" because if that doesn't get achieved you might end up feeling disappointed and unsatisfied with your current life situation. Instead set a goal that says "save for Europe," because it is far more achievable and every time you make a contribution to that saving fund you are achieving your goal! If you want more ideas about making achievable goals that will make you happier, go check out Mika's video.

002. Now to the DIY. I'm not even going to post steps for this because it's that dead easy. All you need is a cork board, thumb tacks, paper, glue, a pen and GLITTER. Basically, you just cut out some hearts from the paper (my shape of choice), write on your goals, then put glue on the edges and sprinkle them with glitter. Not my most creative or challenging DIY I will admit, but hey anything involving glitter and glue, I'm all in for. I'm sure there is 100000's of variations for this basic DIY idea, so let your creative side run free and make something you are happy to look at everyday!

003. The main idea of making something like this is so your goals are displayed somewhere you can see them everyday, just as a little reminder. Mine is propped up in the corner of my bedroom where I can see it each morning while I get ready. If you can see your goals daily, it's more likely you won't forget about them (like some resolutions...) and make 2016 your best year yet! Tell me what some of your goals are, or what technique you use to achieve them?

Lena x

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