5 February 2016

 001. I'm just going to back this post up to about 5 months ago when I was living in Alice Springs with Ben loving life, going on adventures and seeing more of Oz. All the memories I have of the Northern Territory are fond ones, I really did love it. I'm an east coast gal born and bred, so going to the red centre of Australia for the first time was really such an incredible experience. I hope these photos inspire fellow Australian readers to get out there and explore more of this beautiful and diverse country we call home, because I sure can't wait to see even more of it!

002. All these photos were taken on my little 35mm point and shoot. I love film photography, but I think I may take a little break because honestly it's pretty expensive compared to digital which is virtually free! I'm currently waiting for my 8 rolls of film from my 3 months in Asia to be developed... so it's safe to say that will cost me an arm and a leg. But it's totally worth it, candids and the surprise of film makes me one excited little bean.

Lena x


  1. I love, love, love these photos! I love the photos that film creates, though it's not something I've ever gotten into myself. Would love to though.

    Your photos are also making me so jealous because Uluru is the next place I reallllyyyy want to go. My boyfriend and I just brought a van and we're going to deck it out as a camper and starting travelling to everywhere this beautiful country has to offer.

    Beautiful post xx.


    P.S Yay to having the same theme ;)

    1. aw you lucky thing! a van is next on my "dream list"! you should definitely give film a go, I just use a point and shoot and it's so easy! lots of fun hehe x

  2. Awesome pictures. I really want to visit the Northern Territory one day.

  3. Such beautiful photos!
    xx Alyssa


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