5 April 2016

001. "I love being educated. I love learning & finding new things that intrigue me. I love knowing my brain is inevitably growing." This is a little quote I read not so long ago which has inspired me to get a new hobby- photography. I love film photography and my little 35mm point and shoots, but I have decided to branch out an learn how to actually use a digital camera, away from the little green auto box. These snaps are from the most recent full moon. I will fully disclose that these are 100% unedited and 100% unprofessional but I'm very happy with what I managed to capture for a first-timer. I have a deep love for the moon and the astrological powers of the universe too (that's a whole different hobby I'm delving into so I'll save that ramble for later). Me and Ben are both learning this photography game together; so naturally we sat outside getting eaten alive by mosquitoes for quite some time just trying to capture the beauty of the moon. I might use this blog as a little photography journal, to document these memories and adventures. What do you think? It's inevitably going to happen anyway so I hope y'all enjoy it!

Lena x

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