6 May 2016

001. A little while ago Ben and I ventured down to Lamington National Park for 3 nights. Lamington is up a long windy mountain road in the middle of lush, green, rainforest. We stayed at the Green Mountain campsite, which had toilets and HOT showers, for only $5.95 each per night! Bush turkeys roamed freely and wallabies came out to play at dawn and dusk. A beautiful little affordable gem. While there we fully immersed ourselves into nature- waking up and falling asleep with the sun (an enjoyable side effect of having no electricity/technology). There are so many walks to do, waterfalls to see and animals to spot, we want to go back to do the tracks we couldn't fit in! Honestly such a beautiful little place that I would recommend to everyone. The power of mother nature is magic folks.

Lena x

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