16 June 2016

001. This post is dedicated to those days you get home from work feeling rough as hell. More often than not we will sit down exhausted and then begin staring at a screen in order to “relax” or “wind down” for the day. I’m talking accidentally spending hours watching our smart phones, computers or tv screens. We’re all guilty of it. But this post is here to tell you it’s time to kick these bad habits and actually do something that makes you feel good and positive at the end of a busy day! Here are a few of my suggestions…

Take a Bath
One of life's simple pleasures that I wish I indulged in more often. Seriously, if you are feeling tense or stressed or sick or sore, this is my remedy. Add some bath bombs, candles, essential oils or other smelly goodies for the full relaxation experience. 

Find the Ocean

This one is for you lucky ducks who live near the ocean. I cannot think of a better way to end a day then by the ocean. The options here are endless… go alone, take a friend, watch the sunset, walk along the shore or go for a refreshing cool dip. One of my favourite things to do is meet up with some of my gals, order some takeaway Indian and then eat it by the seaside. The ocean ALWAYS makes everything better trust me- just try it out. 


Music makes me happy, and if you are playing the right tunes dancing is sure to follow. Dancing is best way to let go of everything, be yourself, relax and just be FREE with the music. Loud and obnoxious singing along to songs is also highly encouraged. 

Look at the Stars

This is especially targeted at you night shift babes, but seriously everyone has time for this. When I used to work crazy late nights in hospitality I used to enjoy the few seconds I stopped outside before getting in my car to just appreciate the moon, the stars and the serenity of night time. Let out one big breath and just look at that huge universe up above you. I guarantee you that you will be feeling a lot smaller, and your problems won’t seem big anymore. 

Make Something

Use this time at the end of your day to be productive and put your creative pants on. When I say make something I mean anything! It can be doodling, collaging, playing around with paints, embroidering a thrifted denim jacket, writing a blog post or working on your photography skills. Go be creative and use your time to do something that makes you happy! This is YOUR time for YOU. 


The ultimate wind down for me is reading. Books take you into a completely different world; a world free from the problems of the day, your to-do list for tomorrow or the growing pile of clothes you probably need to wash. Try swapping electronics before bed for a book. You will totally feel smarter, more productive and will get a better nights sleep without the light that your phone is giving off! 

Make a Nourishing Meal

Show your body some love and cook yourself a nourishing, healthy and satisfying meal for dinner. This can be whatever makes your body happy. Say thank you to your body for getting through the day with some rewarding fuel that it will thank you for! 

Lena x


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