Monday, 6 June 2016

001. Sharing the love for some super cool bloggers and creators I have been diggin' lately.  I have been really liking reading blogs/watching channels that make me THINK and feel empowered to actually DO something. Tell me some of your favourite blogs- I'm always on the hunt to find more!

The Found Space// Laura's blog is a little beacon of creativity and lightness. She interviews other creative people in the most lovely way; asking about their passions, what makes them happy, their music taste etc. I love this blog because it makes me want to live a more creative, passionate and fulfilling life. The Found Space is really just a beautiful little space that deserves a lot of love.

The Messy Heads// I have been following this blog for a long time, and I am quietly proud of how it has grown and developed. Emma has created a space that is radiates positivity, empowers readers, talks about REAL issues and is helping change the world. You can't help but walk away feeling inspired to just go out into the world and create something or do something after reading a few posts. Seriously have so much love for this blog and I urge every gal to go have a read!

Jaclyn McCosker// This is my most recent blog discovery and I love it. Jaclyn shines light on issues and writes posts in such an easy-to-understand and informative way. The posts include talking about issues such as veganism, minimalism, feminism, environmentalism and travel; AND THESE ARE ALL IMPORTANT THINGS I LOVE. Go give her blog a read if you want to expand your mind and learn some new things.

Cartia Mallan// If you haven't heard of this Aussie babe, you may need to up your YouTube game. She is killing it but for good reason! THIS video is my absolute favourite and something I want every girl and guy to watch. Her positive, free, happy and radiant soul is what makes her videos so enjoyable to watch. She doesn't care what anyone thinks and her videos are damn great. Give her channel some viewing time if you want to walk away from the computer feeling funky, inspired and ready to go on an adventure.

Isabella Mente// This gal rocks. Her channel is fairly new but she talks about stuff that REALLY matters. It's so raw and so real. I love it. I really think the opinions and ideas expressed on this channel are so valuable to young people and girls in particular. The ideas on this channel are what we should be talking about and what we should be watching. Go check her out for lots of self love and honesty.

Mika Francis// This funky gal is from the UK and I have been subscribed to her for so damn long and she is STILL fab. I love, love, love how she isn't afraid to express herself in any form. Her style is insane, and her thoughts are incredible to listen to. Mika's videos about having a positive outlook on life, just having the confidence to be yourself and travel after-movies are a few of my favourites.

Lena x


  1. hello! nice to meet you lena :)
    i really liked this post! i love watching youtube but i didn't know two of them and also, the blog choices was perfect to me!! thank you for sharing that xx hik

    1. I'm happy to hear I could help! x


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