7 July 2016

001. Moving from busy city Brisbane to a relatively small rural down in the centre of Australia was a big change for me. Alice Springs is my base until the end of the year and I guess this is just a little update post to share some of the photos from adventures I've been on in the past 2 months. Small town life is a hell of a lot different to what I've grown up in so I thought I could share some of my thoughts and things I've noticed since the big move...

- seeing the odd eagle/falcon gliding up above you isn't uncommon (yes even if you are in the centre of town)

- people are generally a lot more friendly and chilled- now this is solely based off my experience working in hospitality here and in the big smoke, but I think the no-traffic-no-hurry situation has a big part to play in people's kindness.

- you will participate in some odd community festivals/events because why not? example a: last week there was something called a Beanie Festival where people from all around Australia knit beanies and send them here to Alice to be sold at the event- I kid you not it was like Boxing Day sales at Westfield in there!

- fireworks are NOT illegal- once a year on Territory Day, firework sales are LEGAL and are HIGHLY publicised throughout town (I'm talking huge banners advertising 2 for 1 deals and even being sold at your local IGA or bicycle shop). Despite technically only being allowed one day a year, fireworks continued to be heard for the next few months- Territorians are crazy man!

- the colours of the sunset and landscape will never stop surprising you (so damn beautiful guys, cannot stress enough how much I love this country)

- when bananas are $1.50/kg at Woolworths you WILL get excited, because living in the centre of Australia sadly deprives you from having a cheap local fruit and veg store.

Lena x


  1. i absolutely love your pictures!
    how do you usually edit as a collage and paint smudge with it?
    it looks so lovely. xx

    1. aw thankyou. this was just on photoshop, using the paint/drawing tool! x


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