1 November 2016

001. Today, the 1st of November, is World Vegan Day. I guess veganism isn't the core idea of my blog, but honestly going vegan drastically changed my life, my values and my passions for the better. I want to share all of the positive outcomes with you guys, because being kind and compassionate is cool!

002. I went vegan in around February 2015 and haven't looked back. I had been vegetarian for a couple of months, and had never been a really huge meat fan- so I just went cold turkey vegan straight up, no transition. I honestly don't remember finding it difficult at all and the effects I have experienced since going vegan have been nothing but positive. I am now a kinder and more compassionate person. I care about the earth, environmentalism, sustainability and ethics. I have an incredible relationship with food now- I don't binge eat, don't feel guilty for eating "treats", don't worry about carbs or calories. I am happier and more confident in my own body and skin than I ever been. I am so much more in tune with my body and health. I have values and principles that I follow because I believe in them (think about it, unless you are really religious, what are YOUR values?).  I am overall a more passionate person who wants to be kind to the earth and leave nothing but positivity behind. Now I'm not saying this is all purely because of veganism, the past couple of years have been a huge changing period in my life, but holy moly going vegan definitely sparked a landslide of significant changes.

003. Here are some of the documentaries I recommend watching, if any of the following issues spark any interest to you. These are just the ones I have watched and think are important! I have tried to link trailers or the full video if possible...

- Cowspiracy (trailer, also on Netflix)
- Before the Flood (full movie here)
- The True Cost (trailer, also on Netflix)
- Seaspiracry (here)

- Earthlings (trailer)
- Okja (on Netflix) ***updated 2017

The Best Speech Ever Gary Yourofsky (here)
- 101 Reasons to Go Vegan (here)
- Unity (trailer)

- Forks Over Knives (trailer, also on Netflix)
- Food Inc. (trailer, also on Netflix)

004. I hope this post has been helpful and has inspired you to lead a lighter lifestyle, incorporate vegan values, or actively pursue the betterment of our earth today! Goodluck my little vegans or vegan-curious friends- let's go change the world!

Lena x

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