Wednesday, 23 November 2016

001. Today is my day off and I've decided to download some groovy tunes, which lead me to stumbling upon these film photos on my hard drive. These photos were taken just over a year ago exactly, and it only seems fitting to post them today because it's just over a week until summer! I like to think of this blog as a bit of a journal, so when I post things here it's like popping them into a memory box. The only difference is that it's on the internet and it's permanent- so no house fire or corrupt hard drive can ever take them away from me hehe.

002. I love love love film, but I just don't shoot it very often because it is super expensive. Also, I recently learnt that film actually contains a small amount of gelatine (crushed up animal bones) so that isn't a very good incentive to make me use it too regularly either! Conflicting hobbies and ethical views will be the end of me.

Lena x

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