23 December 2016

Shorts and Bag: Markets// Shoes: Birkenstocks (faux leather!)// Top: Tree of Life// Hat: General Pants DIY

001. These photos were taken post-beach day; barefaced and knotted salty hair! I wanted to share this outfit with you to show that having a ethical and sustainable wardrobe is a journey and something that doesn't just happen overnight. Nobody is perfect and just making the choice to be more concscious of where your clothes are coming from is an awesome achievment in itself! Making the decision to shop ethically and sustainably doesn't mean you have to throw away everything you own. Keeping old items and wearing them out is the most cost effective, sustainable and sensible thing to do. You just need to make sure you don't make any new purchases that exploit the workers, the animals or the environment. 

002. So for the totally ethical side of the outfit.... The shorts were a $10 steal from the Suitcase Rummage markets a couple of years ago and fit me like a dream. The denim bag is actually up-cycled denim from the Chatuchak Markets in Bangkok. The Birtkenstocks are my holy grail shoe- they have a good ethical rating AND are faux leather. Bonus points all round hey?

003. On the other unethical side of the outfit... I have this shirt from Tree of Life which I bought prior to changing my shopping habits. I have taken it backpacking in Asia so it is totally threadbare and has some permanent curry stains, but is still functional! Also it is worth noting that the Tree of Life is a store that probably makes consumers think they have a ethical system in place, due to their whole ethnic/bohemian styles. Sadly this is very far from the truth- they only were rated a C- in the most recent reports, which is pretty damn awful. The hat was another purchase a few years ago from General Pants, with a little bit of DIY thrown onto it in the way of the faux leather band. I don't even want to get into how awfully General Pants rates, for a store that sells tshirts for $80 you would think they treat their workers better than a F grading...  but sadly not! 

004. I hope you are enjoying this series so far... I'm having lots of fun getting back into photographing my personal style! If you are feeling overwhelmed and looking for some tips to help you start your own ethical fashion journey I have a very helpful blog post right here. 

Lena x


16 December 2016

001. I HAVE A REAL PIECE OF WRITING PUBLISHED IN A REAL MAGAZINE! If you don't follow me on Instagram, you might not have seen my excitement about being involved in the production of the first ever issue of Draft. Darcey and Summer have done an incredible job of putting together a totally rad magazine for the youth of today, focusing on REAL issues and REAL conversations. I'm totally honoured to have played a part in their project. My article is about the current refugee situation in Australia, and details exactly what our government is currently enforcing upon vulnerable human beings. It's an issue I am really passionate about and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to help spread awareness about it! Copies of the mag are available online here. All the profits are being donated to The Village School Project which focuses on providing education to struggling children in Africa. So really, buying it is like giving the gift of education AND giving a gift to yourself! What's there to lose?!

Lena x


12 December 2016

Top: Op Shop// Skirt: Handmade (with fabric from the op shop!)// Necklace: Gift

001. Hello and welcome to a new section of my blog where I am going to (hopefully) regularly document my day to day outfits. I really want to do this because I want to showcase how easy it is to shop ethically, sustainably and consciously while still having killer style.  

002. Now that I've moved back to the east coast I have been reunited with my entire wardrobe. And to be totally honest after a year of living out of a backpack or a suitcase, it was really overwhelming! So naturally, as anyone who is on their journey to live a more minimal and simple lifestyle would, I decided to sell a tonne of it. These photos were actually taken on a gloomy morning while I was taking lots of photos for my Depop account. If you want to take a look at the funky threads I'm selling give @lenaisfrockled a search! Total disclosure too that this smoothie was my breakfast AND doubled as a prop to cover up the family of coldsores on my face; because hey life isn't always peachy! 

003. I hope everyone reading this is doing well! I can't wait to share more wardrobe diaries with you! 

Lena x


10 December 2016

001. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. Over the past year my consumerist habits have changed drastically and it is something I am really proud of. My idea of treating myself now actually goes more along the lines of keeping a wish list for months and then crossing things off after reconsidering if I really need them in my life. Plus shopping at small businesses that have wellness, the environment and sustainability at the forefront of their mind also makes me feel very happy with my choices and purchasing power. 

002. Majority of this little eco haul is from the home all of all things eco, a website called Bio Me. I'm becoming more interested in eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins from my life completely, so I stocked up on Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Magic Liquid Castile Soap and also a Pure Castile Bar Soap. I'm also excited to try out some more natural/plastic free shampoo methods, so I bought a bar of Corrynne's natural shampoo soap. From Bio Me, I also finally purchased a Keep Cup because working at a cafe for a year with an unlimited supply to free coffee does indeed make you a little caffeine dependent. The bamboo toothbrush is just a regular purchase for me and it was time for a top up- super cheap and good for the earth- everyone should be using one! 

003. I also purchased a large mason jar and special fermenting lid from a recent eco store discovery called The Raw Food Store. I have attempted to make my own sauerkraut once, and it didn't quite taste right, so I bought the lid to help my perfect the practice. I love love love sauerkraut, but am in no financial position to pay $17 a jar, so fingers crossed I can work it out! 

004. Finally I treated myself to a gratitude bowl from the Mojo Mecca. Apart from clearly looking very beautiful, the bowls are actually engraved with a message that reads "with each bite my senses delight, in gratitude I celebrate this gift of life." They are created with the intention for us all to appreciate how blessed we are with each bite of food we eat, which leads to greater health, smoother digestion and deliciously vibrant energy. Chloe, the gal who runs Mojo Mecca, is such a lovely, kind soul and shares lots of wellness and natural healing over on her website too. 

005. So that wraps it up! Hopefully this post maybe inspired you to be more conscious of your consumer habits or maybe introduced you to some awesome Aussie run eco stores. Thanks for reading and getting this far, you are the best! 

Lena x


7 December 2016

001. As I write this, I am about to embark on the long and boring process of changing my bank accounts and superannuation over to different funds. Recently it came to my attention that my current bank and super fund do not have the earths best interests held in their top priorities. Actually it isn't in their priorities at all (they are more concerned with the whole making money and exploiting everything kinda thing). I don't believe that this issue is something that is talked about very often at all, so thanks to my pals at Market Forces I'm about to open your eyes to what YOUR banks and super funds are really doing with your money.

002. Market Forces is the most valuable resource I have come across as an Australian consumer concerned with what my money is being invested in or supporting. They believe that the banks, superannuation funds and governments that have custody of our money should use it to protect not damage our environment. Their work exposes institutions that are financing environmentally destructive projects and help Australian hold these institutions accountable.

003. Did you know that since 2008 the big fours banks (ANZ, Westpac, Comm Bank and NAB) have loaned about $70 BILLION to dirty fossil fuel projects? If you're not with one of the big four, it is still highly likely that your bank is investing in fossil fuels. You can check out the entire list of banks here, and their position with funding fossil fuels. If you are after further information, there is a detailed report on how exactly the banks are using our money to fund dirty fossil fuel here.

004. Don't forget about your superannuation either! I'm only 19 and definitely do not have a huge amount of super from my time in the workforce. I also have about a dozen different super accounts due a dozen different jobs in the past couple of years, but hey that isn't going to stop me! The idea of superannuation is to give people the opportunity to retire with a greater level of comfort and security. But what if our super has been funding the environmental and climate destruction? What if, by being invested in fossil fuels like coal mining and coal seam gas, our super funds deliver us a polluted and dying world to retire into? Check out the Super Switch campaign, and their list comparing funds here.

005. This movement is fuelled by a growing awareness of how personal finances are exposed to environmentally damaging projects through the banks, super funds and shares. The power of the poeple is greater than the people in power. I believe that your dollar is your vote- all the power is in the consumers. I want to align my money with my values. I want to use my money for a force of good- not one that is destroying the planet. If you do too, please check out Market Forces and switch your funds! Just one small step we can all take to make our planet a better place.

Lena x


2 December 2016

001. Today was my second last day living in this wonderful little place called Alice Springs. Ben and myself ventured out for a swim in a nearby waterhole called Ellery Creek Big Hole- a natural all year round swimming hole. The water is freezing, but refreshing and just what you need in 40 degree heat. We snacked on homemade (vegan) sausage rolls, pesto pasta and corn chips in the sunshine. On the drive home we stopped off at little lookout point, with a beautiful view over the mountains. I love the sunshine, wide open spaces and endless beauty that the Northern Territory is constantly showing off. 

002. I know I'm going to miss the unique sense of peace and quiet, fully surrounded by nature, just a 5 minute walk away from my doorstep. I'm going to miss having a workplace that feels more like hanging out with friends and making yummy food, than slaving away for some hard earned money. I'm going to miss the intense reds of the earth and blooming desert flowers that grow in abundance after the rain. I'm going to miss my new little family and the sense of belonging you get after growing and attaching to a place. I'm going to miss the comfort and love that I feel living under the same roof and sleeping in the same bed as my best friend. 

003. It feels like a bittersweet ending to my time in this little desert oasis- I'm leaving a little bit of my heart in the red centre, but it's time for change and time for new adventures. Excitement and sadness all mixed together is weird feeling. Here's to a life full of passion, dreams and uncertainty- because it's good to scare yourself- you need a few challenges to help you grow.

Lena x

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