10 December 2016

001. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. Over the past year my consumerist habits have changed drastically and it is something I am really proud of. My idea of treating myself now actually goes more along the lines of keeping a wish list for months and then crossing things off after reconsidering if I really need them in my life. Plus shopping at small businesses that have wellness, the environment and sustainability at the forefront of their mind also makes me feel very happy with my choices and purchasing power. 

002. Majority of this little eco haul is from the home all of all things eco, a website called Bio Me. I'm becoming more interested in eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins from my life completely, so I stocked up on Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Magic Liquid Castile Soap and also a Pure Castile Bar Soap. I'm also excited to try out some more natural/plastic free shampoo methods, so I bought a bar of Corrynne's natural shampoo soap. From Bio Me, I also finally purchased a Keep Cup because working at a cafe for a year with an unlimited supply to free coffee does indeed make you a little caffeine dependent. The bamboo toothbrush is just a regular purchase for me and it was time for a top up- super cheap and good for the earth- everyone should be using one! 

003. I also purchased a large mason jar and special fermenting lid from a recent eco store discovery called The Raw Food Store. I have attempted to make my own sauerkraut once, and it didn't quite taste right, so I bought the lid to help my perfect the practice. I love love love sauerkraut, but am in no financial position to pay $17 a jar, so fingers crossed I can work it out! 

004. Finally I treated myself to a gratitude bowl from the Mojo Mecca. Apart from clearly looking very beautiful, the bowls are actually engraved with a message that reads "with each bite my senses delight, in gratitude I celebrate this gift of life." They are created with the intention for us all to appreciate how blessed we are with each bite of food we eat, which leads to greater health, smoother digestion and deliciously vibrant energy. Chloe, the gal who runs Mojo Mecca, is such a lovely, kind soul and shares lots of wellness and natural healing over on her website too. 

005. So that wraps it up! Hopefully this post maybe inspired you to be more conscious of your consumer habits or maybe introduced you to some awesome Aussie run eco stores. Thanks for reading and getting this far, you are the best! 

Lena x

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