25 January 2017

001. I know that January isn't over yet... but I have had such a great start to 2017 so far and wanted to make a little compilation of some photos I have from the past couple of weeks! I feel so lucky to have a such an incredible group of gals in my life- these weeks have been fun filled; lots of laughs with old and new friends. I even squeezed in a trip down to Melbourne for a few days to explore, eat way too much food and drink far too much wine. But in my defence I have been counteracting all of those nights out with a LOT of green smoothies, yoga and self-care. My life really is just one giant contradicting joke right now... for Christmas I received a bottle of vodka along side some super-greens smoothie powder and yesterday I was cruising down the aisles of my local health food store with a nagging hangover. It's all about balance....right?!?

002. I'm trying to mix it up with new editing techniques, so apologies if this post is just a big explosion of weird things. That's just what seems to be going on in my head lately, so I hope it's a least maybe a tiny bit aesthetically pleasing for y'all. 

Lena x


22 January 2017

001. Sometimes I like to use this blog as a bit of an online journal... but I also like to use it as place I can post photos so that they will never ever be lost. This batch of film photos is from my time at Falls Festival in Byron Bay over New Years with some of greatest people. SO MUCH FUN- looking at these photos now just makes me so damn happy! Messy, sweaty, hilarious festival fun (and our camera consequently never leaving the campsite???). Falls you were fab and I wouldn't change a thing.

Lena x


19 January 2017

001. Ethical underwear....??? Yeah it's a thing, because believe it or no, people are still exploited to make your everyday hosiery items too! I'm here to share ethical bras I have picked up kinda recently and give you my honest opinions on all of them. Also, I just wanna say that if boob talk or bras or female bodies seem to offend you for some strange reason, it's probably best for you to just click the exit button now because we don't have time for that negativity here at Frockled. I may as well point out that I have not worn a "proper" bra with wire for well over 1 year now and I love it. So if you're interested in comfy things that do their job while not exploiting fellow human beings in the process keep reading! 

002.  Bra Number 1 is from website called Dharma Bums, which specialise in yoga and activewear. Each garment is made onshore here in Australia and accredited by Ethical Australia. I love the style of this and the back detailing is so funky. It is super supportive- I use it for yoga and for day to day life. It's really well made and fantastic quality. This particular bra was $50, but if you subscribe to their email you get a 20% off code (plus they have regular sales too). The only negative I can think of with this bra is that because it's white you can slightly see the padding in the cups through the fabric- but this is totally just because I picked white and would definitely not happen with any other colour option! I would definitely shop at Dharma Bums again if I was looking for some active yoga gear or some more supportive bras. 

003. Bra Number 2 is from an Australian store called Boody. They specialise in organic bamboo eco wear and tick all the boxes- ethically and sustainably. Everything is made from bamboo fabric and boy-oh-boy is it damn soft and comfortable! This bra is honestly the comfiest one you will ever come across- I challenge you to try one that beats it for comfort! It has a little padding in it to give some extra shape and support. I wouldn't wear this for exercise but it's perfect for everyday wear. The best part about this bra is how damn affordable it was- $26.95 (plus a sneaky 10% discount for signing up to their emails). Next time I need any more basic tees, bras or undies I will be hitting up Boody because affordability, ethics and comfort is key for me. 

004. Bra Number 3 is from a little place called Nico. They stock all the comfy essentials you will ever need- bras, undies, swimmers, tees and lots of other basics. This bra was the most expensive of the lot at $60, but it's from a Brisbane based company that has respect for the people the work with and the environment they work within at their core so I couldn't say no! Plus, the quality of the piece and the soft comfy fabric is really lovely. I will disclose that this bra is essentially just one of your classic bralettes, not padding or frills- just plain, chic and simple. It is surprisingly supportive though, compared to other bralettes I have worn in the past. Nico is a perfect place to shop if you feel like spending a little bit extra on some super comfortable basics that will last you a long time. 

005. I hope this post has been helpful and maybe has drawn some awareness to the ethics of items we all have in wardrobes but don't bat an eyelid at! Or maybe it has made you rethink where you are currently sourcing your hosiery items from! Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading this post because I loved writing it and sharing these often taboo ideas with you all.

Lena x


10 January 2017

available online here

001. HEY GUYS I HAVE FINALLY LAUNCHED MY OWN ONLINE SHOP! This has been on the cards for aggggeessssss but I am so proud of myself for finally starting it and setting it up! If you have been reading this blog for a while it's very clear that I am passionate about the environment, sustainability and ethical fashion, so this shop just is a natural progression of those interests. 

002. It's called Shop Frockled and you can find it on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE (or just search @shopfrockled on any platform). The actual shop page is HERE. Currently it's just on Etsy, because it's functional and easy to use for everyone, but one day I would love to expand into and actual domain and real website. Fingers crossed! 

003. Preloved and vintage clothes are just the beginning. I have so many ideas of where I can take this little shop buzzing around my head and it's inevitable that all these ideas will eventually come to life in time. As for now, I'm still just trying to get on top of posting all the pieces I currently have acquired. 

004. I incorporated the little blurb I wrote about the shop into this post so you can get a feel for what Frockled really is and what it aims to do...! 

Lena x

HEY 2017

4 January 2017

001. WELCOME TO 2017..... well 4 days into it anyway. I've been off the grid for a few days attending Falls Festival down in Byron Bay and I all I have to show for it is this one single photo, a broken phone, sunburn, a spinning head and extreme sleep deprivation. Seriously, how do people go to festivals and take lots of photos looking fresh as hell and post them on Instagram simultaneously?? They're not doing it right because I am a mess but had THE BEST time ever. I love festivals and people and music and dancing. Happy, happy, happy.

002. In other news I am currently writing this post in bed after a 14 hour sleep, and trying to set New Years intentions. I think I will do some more proper posts about my intentions for this year when my head is up and running again, but for now I want to share something that Gang of Youths posted on their Facebook page which I really really loved. ENJOY! I love you all, thanks for reading my crazy little ramblings on the internet.

Lena x

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