25 January 2017

001. I know that January isn't over yet... but I have had such a great start to 2017 so far and wanted to make a little compilation of some photos I have from the past couple of weeks! I feel so lucky to have a such an incredible group of gals in my life- these weeks have been fun filled; lots of laughs with old and new friends. I even squeezed in a trip down to Melbourne for a few days to explore, eat way too much food and drink far too much wine. But in my defence I have been counteracting all of those nights out with a LOT of green smoothies, yoga and self-care. My life really is just one giant contradicting joke right now... for Christmas I received a bottle of vodka along side some super-greens smoothie powder and yesterday I was cruising down the aisles of my local health food store with a nagging hangover. It's all about balance....right?!?

002. I'm trying to mix it up with new editing techniques, so apologies if this post is just a big explosion of weird things. That's just what seems to be going on in my head lately, so I hope it's a least maybe a tiny bit aesthetically pleasing for y'all. 

Lena x

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