26 February 2017

001. I am on a journey of trying to only use cruelty free, natural, non-toxic beauty products that create as little waste as possible. It does sound a bit complicated but essentially I just want to be using products that aren’t harmful to me and aren’t harmful to mother nature- simple as that!

002. The first step I took in this journey was deodorant. When my latest one ran out, I decided to try and make my own- using only natural ingredients and things that aren’t packaged in wasteful ways. I could have picked a natural one up from any health food store, but they are still creating waste, usually packaged in plastic of some form, AND they are hella expensive. I’m a broke student, so the DIY method was a win for the environment and my wallet.

003. It was a little different at first using this new deodorant, I’m going to be honest with you gals. But now I totally love it because I know it’s only made of all the good stuff and I made it all by myself (no need for big corporations taking my money!) It doesn’t make you NOT sweat (because stopping perspiration isn’t natural) but it does stop any smell. The best part is that it is super easy AND super cheap. I hope you like the recipe!

DIY Zero Waste Deodorant Ingredients

- ¼ cup bi carb soda (purchased in bulk or in cardboard box from supermarket)
- ¼ cornflour (purchased in bulk)
- 2 tablespoons coconut oil (in glass jar, so it’s reusable)
- 10 drops of any essential oil- I used lavender (can reuse the glass bottle too)

1. First melt the coconut oil so it’s no longer solid
2. Then just simply just mix all the ingredients together until it forms a kind of paste.
3. Put it all in a small jar for easy access (mine used to be for curry paste).
4. Get a tiny bit on your finger each morning and rub into your armpits. Easy peasy and leaves you smelling lovely           all day!

Lena x


23 February 2017

001. Hey lovely readers, I thought it was about time I shared some exciting news with you all on this blog…. I am now an intern for Barefoot Babes! Essentially I just submit a blog post for them once a fortnight, accompanied with some relevant photos I’ve taken, but hey intern sounds waaaaay cooler. Barefoot Babes is a little brand set up by a gal called Christie in New York. It is an ethical brand that sells funky tees and some other bits 'n' bobs that share an important message to the world. Go check out the shop HERE.

002. I was looking for another way I could push myself creatively to write more and when this opportunity came up it sounded perfect because Barefoot Babes stands for basically everything I believe in! The blog posts are usually around themes that I am super passionate about such as environmentalism, natural beauty, creativity, positivity, and general ethical living! This means that I love writing the blog posts because anything along those lines just rolls off my tongue. So far I have written two posts; one about finding creativity when you’re in a rut and another about DIY zero waste natural deodorant (which is something really cool, so I'm going to repost that on this blog very soon!).

003. There is loads of other talented gals writing for the Barefoot Babes too, if you want to have a browse at all the other articles the link for the blog is HERE. Happy reading!

Lena x


20 February 2017

001. I love Lamington National Park. It's what green mossy fairy garden nymph dreams are made of. From waking up at Girrraween in the morning and going to sleep at Lamington that night- it was like we stepped into another realm. I know I say it all the time on here whenever I blog about travelling in Australia but it really is just SO diverse and SO beautiful. We really are lucky to live in such a lovely part of the world, with all of this mother nature goodness at our doorstep. 

002. I don't really have too much else to say in this post, I think I'll just let the photos do the talking. If you want to hear my review of the campsite read this blog post I did last year when I visited Lamington for the first time- I still love it just as much as I did then!

Lena x


13 February 2017

001. Stop number two on the roadtrip was Girraween National Park, located about 3 hours west of Brisbane. This was my first time camping at Girraween and it has safely secured itself a spot in my favourite camping destinations off all time! My reasons for this are because... this campground only costs $6 a night per person (bargain), it has hot showers AND flush toilets, each campsite has it's own picnic table AND fire pit, and (finally) all the campsites are well spread out from one another- no need to here what your neighbour is getting up to all night (hurray)! That's without even mentioning all the killer hikes you can do, the abundance of clear creeks to take a dip in and the overall beautiful scenery. Cannot recommend this little national park enough! 

002. Another highlight of this camping trip was our decision to purchase a Trangia cooking stove before we left. Unlike lots of other camp cookers, it runs off alcohol, so there is no need to lug around a big stove or an exploding can of gas. It's super easy to use and compact (ideal for when you are travelling in one of the smallest cars on the market). Our meals on this all turned out to delicious and I have never felt more gourmet on a camping trip in my life. We made oats, pasta, soups and dhal. Low-key considering that I should start a healthy how-to camping cookbook because that is how impressed I am with this little cooker! Just another thing I cannot recommend enough to everyone! If you are thinking of buying one, we picked ours up from Wild Earth (the most epic camping/adventure store) because it was the best price we found in Australia. 

003. I still have one more little instalment of photos from this trip coming up shortly. If you want to stay extra updated with posts don't forget I have a Facebook page. The only thing I EVER post is when new things go up on here, so I promise the page is completely spam free, yay!

Lena x


8 February 2017

001. Recently I went road-tripping and camping at a few spots around the QLD/NSW border for about a week with Ben. I have far too many photos showing off this part of the countrys diverse landscape, so I'm going to spread them out over a couple of blog posts. On the first day we drove from the Gold Coast to Borders Ranges National Park in northern NSW, and stayed at the campsite there. It was wet and rainy, but we made it (even if it meant driving my poor Suzuki Swift through some questionable terrain). We only stayed in the national park for one night as a little stopover but the green views and dense rainforest were really quite beautiful. I definitely wouldn't mind exploring this region even more on another trip! 

Lena x

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