27 July 2017

001. I've been home for all of two days and I'm already dreaming of being back down in Byron Bay running around the grassy hills, boogying to some killer tunes. My highlights of weekend were definitely Haim, King Gizzard, The XX,  Smith Street, Dope Lemon and Dunies (just to name a few from my hazy memory). Splendour in the Grass you didn't disappoint. I honestly don't have many words to say in this post, just wanted to share some photos from the weekend (that I certainly didn't take). Actions speak far louder than words, and if you haven't yet had the opportunity yet to experience the epic festival that is Splendour, you really have got to get onto that because just WOW. Wild, sweaty, hot, cold, crazy, hilarious, messy times. Just another page to add in the memory book that is this blog.

Lena x


17 July 2017

 String Bag: eString Bags // Green Tote Bag: Markets in Laos // Metal Straw: Stolen from Mum's house // Coffee Cup: KeepCup via Biome // Water Bottle: The Source Bulk Foods 

001. This month I am taking on the challenge of 'Plastic Free July,' to try to avoid all single use plastic! I had planned to do lots of blog posts about this theme during July... but clearly that didn't happen, so I'm just going to keep posting all year round on this topic because I don't plan on using plastic intentionally on a regular basis again!

002. The Big Four are the four single use plastic items that produce the most plastic waste and are also happen to be the easiest to avoid! These four single use plastic items alone contribute to 60% of the total plastic waste in the developed world. Plastic bags (shopping bags or produce bags from your fruit/veg run), plastic water bottles, plastic straws and disposable coffee cups are the four big offenders.

003. Let's start with the most obvious one for everyday consumers: plastic bags. Switching to reusable bags eliminates plastic bags completely- any type of tote bag will do! Produce bags for all your little fruit and veg bits are also an essential and I'm selling them super cheap over at Shop Frockled. The other day I was at the supermarket and saw someone with ONE singular apple in a plastic produce bag - we are so conditioned that most people don't even question the use of this! If you forget your reusable produce bags, the paper mushroom bags are always handy too. Another tip is to always keep a couple of bags in your car or your bag to be prepared for any unexpected purchases.

004. Plastic water bottles are so damn easy to avoid- simply just carry around your own and fill it up. Who wants to pay for water anyway?! Replace plastic straws with a reusable one and carry it around with you- there are glass, bamboo or stainless steel ones readily available everywhere. Or better yet just ask for NO straw when dining out. I honestly think straws are a bit of a luxury item, something that kinda just makes drinking a more "comfortable" experience, not necessarily something we NEED.

005. Finally, the disposable coffee cup. The humble disposable coffee cup isn't actually recyclable within most systems, so they NEVER break down completely. There are SO many options for reusable coffee cups on the market, you would be crazy not to have one. Perks of having a reusable coffee cup are that your drink stays warmer for longer (in my opinion) and some cafes give you discounts- win for being an eco babe! If I forget my cup I just choose to have a dine-in coffee or just go without (helps me save money and makes me remember my cup next time).

003. I could go on and on all day about plastic free living and reducing my waste. I hope these swaps are useful and inspire you to cut down on the big four plastic items in your own life. Can't wait to share more eco living goodness with y'all- there's plenty more to come!

Lena x


12 July 2017

001. Here are a collection of photos from recent adventures around the beautiful place in the world I currently call home. There are beaches kissed by the the big salty blue as far as the eye can see, and tall green mountains that greet you with cool crisp fresh air and the familiar sounds of the bush. I am one very very lucky gal.

002. The concept of 'home' is one that I have a lot of weird feelings about and just something I can't quite put my finger on. For the past couple of years I have found myself moving around this big beautiful country a fair amount and constantly changing what I call home. I have lived in small mundane suburban towns on the outskirts of cities, in the centre of this sunburnt country where the earth is always red and sky is always blue, and now in a small coastal city where oceans of the clearest blue meet the green lush hinterland. 

003. I have been very blessed to live in such beautiful places and loving every minute of it, but there is just a nagging feeling constantly at the back of my head and in my heart telling me that I won't be here long. Just the thought of pushing through my current university degree and staying in the ONE PLACE for 3 WHOLE YEARS kinda scares me to death. Don't get me wrong, I love learning and studying but I don't want it to be the be-all-end-all that stops me from living life as a whole.

004. I don't know if I really identify with the concept of home being a specific place. I like to think that I can create a home within myself (I mean that to sound as least-crazy person like as possible). Is home a place? A person? A feeling? Is home familiarity, where you are guaranteed on seeing someone you know on a grocery run? Or is it feeling a complete sense of peace and belonging while standing on a rooftop looking out a city you have only been in for 24 hours? Is it the smell of a home-cooked dinner? Or is it feeling comfortable in yourself, no matter where you are in the world? I'm really going off on a tangent here, but I just don't want to accept things- I want to question life- home included. 

005. I honestly have no idea what the point of this post was, but it was nice to take the time and contemplate what home means- I recently watched this video on the Messy Heads youtube channel and plan to purchase the third issue ASAP because it seems like it is everything I need to hear and read right now. Here's to finding home, in people, in places, in feelings and in yourself. 

Lena x


7 July 2017

001. As part of Plastic Free July, I am choosing not to buy my regular milk that comes with a plastic lid- so it was time to make my own! I've made almond milk before, which was successful however, it worked out to be more expensive than buying the almond milk on the shelf because nuts are expensive man! But luckily for me coconuts chips/flakes are less than half the price of almonds and possibly even more delicious. Here is my very basic recipe for zero waste coconut milk, which is totally open to interpretation and adaptions to suit your tastebuds.

- 1 cup of coconut flakes unsweetened (I buy mine from my local bulk food shop)
- approx. half a litre of water (the ratio is 1 cup coconut flakes to half litre water, 2 cups coconut flakes to 1 litre water etc etc.)
- *optional* a sweetener of some kind, be it sugar, dates or rice malt syrup it's up to you (I'm not into sweet stuff too much so don't like to add this to mine, but everyone's taste buds are different)

- a blender
- a nut milk bag to strain through (any type of super fine cheesecloth fabric would work well too)
- a jar to store it in (I like to reuse leftover tall pasta sauce jars as I find they just fit perfectly in my tiny fridge)

1. soak the coconut flakes and in water for a few hours (you can skip this step, but I find it makes the end product creamier if soaked)
2. blend for a couple of minutes in the blender
3. strain coconut milk mix through the nut milk bag to get rid of any chunky parts- make sure you squeeze every last drop out!
4. put in the fridge and enjoy! also helps it you give it a nice little shake each time you use it too! I like to keep the leftover coconut pulp from straining (which is essentially just super fine desiccated coconut) in the fridge too and put it in my oats, cereal or smoothies.

002. This is now my go-to nut milk- SUPER easy and super delicious. Hope you enjoyed this little recipe as part of the eco/plastic free/ waste free living section on this blog- keep updated for more goodies coming this way soon.

Lena x


5 July 2017

001. Here are a few photos of a cold little bean I've had lying around on my laptop from a trip to Buderim Forest Park- our local waterfall spot! Ben is still liking the challenge of an early morning icy cold waterfall bath, while I am much more comfortable sitting on the shore playing with the camera. I love waking up with nature- pulling yourself out of bed on a dark winter morning, before the sun wakes up to go on an adventure in the forest is the best.

Lena x

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