25 September 2017

001. I honestly feel like a bit of a cheat posting this "recipe" because it only uses TWO ingredients. Both are available at almost every bulk food shop and are super super cheap. No need to keep producing rubbish and spending huge amounts of money on aerosol versions of dry shampoo when you have this little mix ready to go. This recipe creates zero waste, is 100% natural, really affordable and actually works! - do I need to convince you more?

- arrowroot powder
- cocoa powder

- there isn't much to it, just simply mix the two ingredients together to find a colour that works in your hair!
- start of with a tablespoon or so of arrowroot and just add the cocoa until the colour makes you happy
- lighter hair = less cocoa // darker hair = more cocoa
- I like to store mine in an old spice jar with a shaker lid for easy use

- simple sprinkle it along your scalp/hair part where it looks a bit oily and use a hair brush or your fingers to work it through - voila!

Lena x

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